About The Book


A hilarious take on a sexual fitness manual: 69 positions, with each position explained via illustrations, slanguage, and the exercise sciences behind them.

  • - A Man A Hand A Plan
  • - Perpendickular Lines
  • - The Mermaid and the Sailor
  • - The Pizza Boy’s Tip
  • - The Twist and Spout
  • - V for Vagina
  • - The Sphinxter
  • - Eat, Pray, Hump
  • - The Press a Trois
  • - Crotching Tiger Horny Dragon
  • - Banana Split with a Cherry on Top
It’s time for a muscle burning workout, but your partner wants to be intimate. SEXUAL FITNESS is the simple solution to this wonderful dilemma. Exercise in bed! Make your bedroom your gym and your partner your dumbbell. SEXUAL FITNESS is a quick reference funny-read-for-the-bedroom exercise catalyst. It’s a perfect sex workout. Experts say that during a sexual romp a person will burn between 100-150 calories. While there is no way of truly aggregating what you’ll burn, these sexual workouts are designed to help you burn between 220-400 calories per workout or more!

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