We know, you’ve always dreamed of a sex workout. You want to know how to sexercise. You want the funnest muscle building workout routine you’ve ever imagined. Awesome. Sexual Fitness teaches you that you can workout in bed, exercise during sex, increase your stamina and enhance your muscle tone. And you can have fun doing it all. In this book you’ll find variations on almost every sexercise routine you’ve ever imagined.


$50 / badge
  • - A Man A Hand A Plan
  • - Perpendickular Lines
  • - The Mermaid and the Sailor
  • - The Pizza Boy’s Tip
  • - The Twist and Spout
  • - V for Vagina
  • - The Sphinxter
  • - Eat, Pray, Hump
  • - The Press a Trois
  • - Crotching Tiger Horny Dragon
  • - Banana Split with  a Cherry on Top

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